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You take on the role of a Commander of the Titan Empire, who has just been assigned as second in command under Captain Alexandra Zal. The crew of the ship is comprised of select races of the Empire which the player will be able to interact with and have relationships with (that means plenty of sex (if you want it)). There is much to discover as the Inanna begins her adventure to unknown parts of the galaxy. As Commander you will be sent on missions to different planets where you will encounter new cultures and civilizations. You will run across slavers, enemy races, omnipotent beings, and more. The choices you make as the story unfolds will have consequences, some subtle and short term, others may take much longer to play out.

Included Episodes:
Episode 1: First Command
Episode 2: The Hegemony
Episode 3: Korina Outpost
Episode 4: The Zenth
Episode 5: Shadows & Memories
Episode 6: The Longest Hours
Episode 7: Our Better Selves
Episode 8: Divergence

The game is under continuous development with new episodes being released periodically.


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Starship Inanna 8.6
Starship Inanna 8.6

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Have you ever considered putting this game on Steam? There are a lot of erotic VN games there now that have been here on itchio and/or gamejolt.

I have considered it, I think I'd want to give Episode 1 and 2 a new coat of paint and tighten up some of the writing in those episodes before I hit an audience that big.  Get better first impressions and all.  Might start that repainting process when we hit the next Patreon goal and I can afford to bring on JamieH for more time so he can work on the script editing.

SO this is not downloading.. I get sent to an error page

Apologies for that, it should be working now, it was pointing to an old file.

Awesome  ty :)

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Hey there... I like ur work. I cann see the effort in it and totaly respect that. But is there a way to change the appearance of my charater? I'm realy anoyed by the fact, that i have no hair.

Did i missed it or will this feature be added?

Greetings FP

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Sadly, no, there is no way to change appearance.  Due to the nature of the game (the fact it is all pre-rendered, and even then, not in a 'paper-doll' way like most VNs) makes it very time consuming to offer those options. I understand that desire, but I just do not have the manpower, CPU power, nor the time to re-render every image of the player character with different looks.

My next project does have a bit more player character variety, the player can choose between three ethnicities and three genders.  That's the benefit of going in with it planned, but when I started SI I was just starting out with rendering and didn't want to bite off more than I could chew out the gate.

So, all that said, for Starship Inanna, it is not in the cards at this time.  However, if/when I go back to remake Episodes 1 and 2 it may be something I will do.  I can't promise I will, but I would like to, I'll have to see how much time it would take.


I understand it. Thx 4 the answer. I still love Inanna.



loving the work you guys are doing so far. :D can't wait for Ep 9 already. (i read bloody fast) i think i finished Ep 8 in atleast 20-30 mins.

Thank you for the kind words BlueFlamingNinja.  Episode 9 is quite large, much like episode 8 was (since it's two distinct paths again)  Speaking of which you played both paths through Episode 8 in 20-30 minutes?  Remember the choice in Episode 5 drastically changes the path you are on in episode 8.

(Also sorry it took so long for me to respond).

only did the good guy route at the moment.. plus reread a decent chunk of the previous episode (just before being invited to the hermegony side of the station) to get back upto speed.

I want to continue experiencing this so can you help me with my problem: In episode 7 when Nali vs Ulda I eventually get the error-

Exception: Could not set video mode.

Any suggestions? I already tried resizing the screen. 

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Huh, I've not had that reported yet for E7 (or at all).  Let me look into this.

Okay, since that is a main story scene and I've not had that ever been reported before, I am inclined to think it might be an issue with a driver or incompatibility on your PC.  You are not alone in this though, a check of the Renpy forums do show a few others do have this from time to time but it is pretty rare.  Usually it's reported as a problem with video drivers, so make sure those are up to date.  Another solution you can try is to press SHIFT+G and selecting a different rendering mode.

If neither of those resolves it, please let me know, I will dig into it further.


Thank that was half the solution, in addition I lowered the frame rate down to 30 and that allowed me to get to episode 8. The same thing happened with Alex's scene in EP.8 but same solution applied.

Thanks for the help and keep up the great work. 


This game is amazing, diverse in so many ways, with an attention to detail and a very well developed world that makes this game really immersive. There is a strong plot, a whole environment, and fully fledged characters with backgrounds that tie into the plot.

This game doesn't just have potential. It had potential, multiplied it, and is now blowing our minds with it.

The 'gallery' where you can see which sex scenes you have unlocked is a really interesting idea (as is the link to the wiki that provides help in unlocking more of those scenes), and adds further to the replayability of the game, which the multiple choices already increase!

To anyone still hesitating: give it a try! Just don't plan to do anything in the next few hours, time will fly faster than any starship once you start playing!


Thank you for the kind words beefr.  We've got plenty more coming too, Episode 8 is almost in alpha testing (missing a lot of images but that's being worked on as we speak).  So, stay tuned I guess :)

question. what kinks are within the game? 


The game is not as adult as other games (we're kinda balanced between mainstream serious sci-fi and adult sci-fi, the main focus here is always universe and story before we work on sex at all), relationships/couples in the game are M/F, M/M, F/F, M/H, and F/H.  Sex acts present are generally more vanilla-ish, but we do have a lot of oral sex, some cum play, anal, a foot fetish scene, some light bondage, and some mind control.  Every scene is optional though (in fact sometimes you get more plot not doing the sex scenes).
Hope that helps answer your question.

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I'm not trying to be original in these comments. The guys before me already said it all. I just can't help but say this. I just re played the game with 7 version. Wow, this is  one of the most amazing space stories I have played! Keep up the amazing work and I can't wait for the next episode! Thanks a lot!

Thank you justmen (can't believe I missed this comment for months).  Episode 8 is around the corner.


I just re-played the game with your latest version.  A lot of really great improvements were made to the stroy.  Keep up the good work.  Lokking forward to the next chapter.

I just finished playing all the chapters for the first time and I have to say....This is by far one of the absolute most amazing stories I have played in a very very long time! Keep up the awesome work and I absolutely can't wait for the next episode! Thank you so much for putting in all of the tremendous amount of work!!!

Thank you for playing and letting us know how much you have enjoyed the game :)

so is this all of the episodes bundled together, or do i need to hunt down the other episodes individually? 

Every new release includes all previous episodes.