Starship Inanna: Episode 8 - Divergence Now Available

Will you delve into the Hegemony, or take on a scouting mission for the Aloshan?  This episode comprises two full storylines, depending on your choice at the end of Episode 5.

There's over 35 sex scenes this time, plus some hard hitting choices depending on your path.  Episode 9 will continue this dual-storyline trend.

This Episode release also finds a new servant available for the Female Commander, retconned and added all the way back in Episode 1 with interactions in all subsequent episodes where other servants had scenes.

Please let us know if you have any problems by creating a ticket at the tech support link:

Alright, enough text, enjoy the game, we've already begun working on Episode 9.

The Mad Doctors


Starship Inanna 8.6
Sep 30, 2019
Starship Inanna 8.6
Sep 30, 2019

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Is there still a Mac version?

Yes, sorry, forgot to check the box.

No problem, I found it on your web site & downloaded it.  I restarted the game that I had been playing.  You appear to have done some graphics improvements (at least that is what I see).  Great job with a great storyline.

Hello again. Sorry to bother you but I wanted to bring up a problem with downloads to you.  

I have downloaded a couple of your most recent updates 8, 8.1, & 8.2 and I just noticed that you are now up to 8.4.  I did not download 8.3 today since it was downloading at a very slow speed (<1 Mbs) which has been my recent experience with these updates . The updates seem to take a lot longer to download then other games both from itchio & directly from your web site download server as compared to other games of comparable or larger size that use mega, google drive, or similar download locations.  It is a great game & I really have enjoyed playing but 3 hours to download versus 30 - 45 minutes for comparable size games is a bit much especially when I can stop your download & switch to downloading a similar size game in a much shorter time.   

I really enjoy the game, especially the Mac version that you have been great in releasing where a lot of developers do not.