Happy New Year and Starship Inanna Updated to 8.5.7

Sorry to not have posted earlier, things got away from me.  Happy New Year to you all.
We released two images (Nikka/Jane) and (Nikka/John) for New Years, you can find them here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/happy-holidays-32744117 (I'd post them here but itch.io limits to 3mb per image and I imagine you guys want the HQ versions which are around 5mb)
I hope all of you reading this had a wonderful end of 2019.  If you didn't, I sincerely I hope that this year is better.  I think we can all try to make it better for everyone.

As for the new update, it's a small bugfix.

-Fixed picking Adam first in Episode 8 - Hegemony skipping secondary  choices and causing Michael/Cea scene to occur when having sex.
-Fixed a few typos.

Now, I'm going back to work in Episode 9, so there's plenty more to come for Starship Inanna.


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