The Beginnings of Animation + a small update

While we are still a way from the Patreon goal (and therefore the hardware) to add animations to Starship Inanna, I have started doing one animation a month for Ensign+ Patreon Backers (that's $10 and up) to learn how to animate in Daz Studio.  I started in February and these were always meant to be timed exclusives which means that when my second one went up, the first one cycled to the public.

Now this is a basic one, I am only responsible really here for moving the camera and such, the animation was done using what are called aniblocks, premade animations that you can drop into Daz.  These are useful but not what I wanted to really use, but for a first animation it worked well enough (the one I just posted on Patreon is more manual animation, more my work.  I'll post that to my twitter next month ( because I don't think will like a more hardcore video in a public devlog.
Beyond this there has been many more commissions (including many written ones like this one: it's called K7 which is the story of how the Commander and Nikka met before the start of the game) and of course work on Episode 9 is continuing.  It's just a large episode and I'm trying to avoid the dreaded crunch since that was not great for my health in the past.
I'm also working on an update to the website which will see a lot more race and universe information posted to it (basically adding race info to a page on the site, as well as information about the Starship Inanna Tabletop RPG.)  That should be up soon.

That's about it for now, just giving a small update on how things are going.  Hope you are all doing well with the craziness going on all over the world, and that you are safe and healthy. 

Be safe.

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