6.1 Released, Episode 7 Has A Title

Version 6.1 is now available.  Here's what's been fixed or changed: ~The scene gallery menu has been totally overhauled (version 7.0 will see more menus change to this style).
~There's a bunch of fixes to the pronouns and images when playing as a female character throughout the game.
~Rin now has previously missing images in Episode 2 showing up correctly (scene with Rin in pod)
~Episode title cards now work (and were moved to the beginning of the episode, rather than the second scene as, when doing a straight through playthrough, the transition between episodes was nonexistent and sometimes very confusing, better to just make it apparent.)
~Every image in Episode 2,3, and 4 with the old hegemony font has been edited to use the new hegemony font.
~Just a bunch of typo and grammar fixes throughout.

Also, Episode 7 now has a name, 'Our Better Selves'.  But that's all I'm giving for now, there's enough a teaser in the image above.  It will be done by Christmas at the very latest (though Omar and myself are pushing for it sooner).  Hopefully if we reach the goal of $1,300 per month we can bring on more staff and get future episodes done quicker.

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It's good. Every episode sholud have a title xD

Glad you like it :)