Starship Inanna Updated to 7.0.7


Starship Inanna has now been updated to v7.0.7

~Added a fix for the Episode 5 FathersName glitch if you have a sister (does require a restart of Episode 5, if you're already passed it don't worry, I'll toss another check in before it's important)

~Fixed a glitch that would shift from Jane to John between Episodes 6 and 7. Requires you load a save from before the third block of the episode 6's character interaction or replay Episode 6.

~All audio now in .ogg format

~Lots of images have been compressed to reduce the size of the game (there should be pretty much no perceived loss in quality).

~Rogue .wav files that were taking up space have been removed

~Few typos fixed throughout


Starship Inanna 7.0.7
Feb 20, 2019
Starship Inanna 7.0.7
Feb 20, 2019

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